10 reasons to choose The Collection Events

We can imagine your position – you have an event to organise and you’re at the beginning of the process. It may be an event for you personally, perhaps a birthday, family celebration or wedding. Or perhaps it’s a celebration for your company, a Christmas party, conference, away day or summer party.

We are lucky that our days are filled with events and venue finding, it’s all we do. So many of our clients have another job – event planning is just a small part of it. We find that so many people come to us in the first stages of planning as finding the right venue is so important.

1. We know our venues

We pride ourselves on knowing all the best venues out there. Our venue knowledge is some of the best in the country and we’re proud of it. You’ll often find us out and about, on road trips and at meetings discovering new spaces. Our love for a new space and discovering a hidden gem is high – we’re obsessed and we’re not afraid to admit it!

2. We know events

A perk of the job is that we are invited to lots of different events. We also get to see the events that our clients plan, and we work closely with venues to ensure that we see the spaces in action. Through this we have learnt what works well and what doesn’t. That applies to both individual venues as well as overall formats. We live and breathe events and we will share our knowledge with you.

Through our knowledge of both event spaces and event logistics we have learnt a lot. We have also learnt a lot about human behaviour – what people respond well to and how to increase engagement. We adore the DNA of events, the nitty gritty and we’re happy to share these learnings with you. Tell us about your event here and what you’d like to achieve, and we will work with you to ensure that your venue, your format and plan will achieve your goals.

3. We can save you money!

Think about your time. By the time you’ve called all the venues, got through to the right person, checked availability, got the prices and put together a budget, hours have passed. Now think about our time – you don’t pay for it, but we’ll do all the leg work for you. We do the hard work, check all the availability and send everything to you for you to review.

We save you time. Time is money. What can you do with the time you’ve saved? Enjoy it.

4. We can help with your whole event

Whilst we don’t personally plan events, we focus on finding the best venues out there (it really is a full-time job!) we can still help. We can direct you to our planning partners who will advise on every aspect of your event. From flowers to lighting, sounds to furniture, styling to registration they have it all covered and will work closely with you to deliver a great event.

5. We can become your go to

So many of our clients work with us on their whole event programme. The variety of the venues in our portfolio is second to none and we really do believe that we have a venue for every event. From small meetings through to packed away days or senior management conferences we have great spaces. We have party spaces galore from summer to winter and we love a wedding. Try us – we’re sure we have an option for all your events. Diversity is one of the features of our collection, so we can match a full range of styles and event needs. See our diversity and get inspiration here.

6. We’re free!

Everyone likes something for free done they? We earn our money by charging our venues a commission on the business we place with them. This doesn’t change the cost to you at all. It means that we’re free to you and you’d get the same price if you went direct.

7. We’ll keep going

Venue finding can be exhausting. Sometimes you find the perfect venue quickly or you have a space in mind. Other times it feels as if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Our team are persistent and knowledgeable – that’s a powerful combination. We scour the country on your behalf making sure that no stone is left unturned. We’ll find that venue for you, just try us!

8. We like a good deal

Everyone likes a bargain and we’re no different at The Collection. We have great relationships with the venues that we work with and we always negotiate to ensure that we get the best rate for you. That means you get more for your money.

9. We’re fun

Or so we’re told! Let’s face it, events is a fun industry – it’s exciting, creative and inspiring. We get to see new spaces every day, step inside venues which most people will never see. We love it. Our clients are amazing, and we get such a buzz from finding the perfect venue for them. Plus, we’ll invite you to events if you’re in our TLC club.

10. You can become a VIP

We like to say thank you for loyalty which is why we set up TLC – The Loyalty Collection. Our club gives you access to exclusive experiences and much more!

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