7 Benefits of Including Team Building In Your Workplace Culture

Everyone in your office is different – the variety of personal, cultural and background differences create a diverse environment and there’s the potential for personalities or political barriers to prevent your team from collaborating in a positive way. A business’ success depends on on positive employee relationships. 

Don’t forget that diversity is the greatest asset in the workplace, but effective communication, trust and cooperation are the keys to a team’s success. Team building is the solution. Team building is all about breaking the ice, eliminating distractions and providing realistic experiences – creating a knock-on effect of improving communication, morale and revealing strengths and leadership qualities that people didn’t realise they had.

It’s not quantity; it’s quality

Team building activities are a collaborative challenge, teaching individuals to communicate and work with people that they do not know (or often like). This social interaction is the foundation of a transferable bond, empowering team members to contribute to common goals in the workplace. 

The opportunity to interact in a different setting away from the pressure and constraints of the office is sure to improve the initiative of working together more effectively and efficiently, improving productivity overall. 

Problem-solving simulator 

Team activities are an opportunity for stress-free problem-solving, the perfect simulation of an issue that could potentially arise in the workplace. As there’s less pressure involved team members can develop their problem-solving skills in preparation for those inevitable hurdles ahead in a relaxed and fun way. 

Planting motivational seeds 

Team building away days are an interactive experience – they initiate trust and encourage participants to engage with the people around them during the activity. Organising a well planned and valuable activity will send a clear message to your team that you care about their success and that you want to promote efficient and friendly working relationships.

This type of corporate event can support your team in feeling more motivated about their workplace culture. By developing trusting relationships with colleagues, people are more likely to take pride in their job and seek to achieve company goals.

The human connection

Interpersonal communication is key to the success of work projects and relationships within an organisation. The casual environment of an away day allows the team to get to know each other outside of the workplace – fostering better communication skills that will benefit the challenges they may face throughout any projects back in the office. 

Improved communication will undoubtedly lead to more efficient and productive teamwork that may have been previously blocked by social barriers.

Keep calm and collaborate

One of the most beneficial aspects of an organised team building activity is the development of collaboration between your team members. It’s all about knowing who has what knowledge, trusting that experience to support one another in the workplace. Awaydays create the perfect opportunity for employees to build this network of trust and collaboration between contacts that can help them in the future.

Trust your creativity 

Diversity in the workplace is an advantage; the hidden potential of it needs to be unlocked. Creativity and innovation is the foundation of any successful business, whether it’s big or small. Organising a corporate team building day will provide a pathway for your team to utilise their diverse perspectives and individual creativity to bounce solutions off each other.

Celebrate what’s working 

The away day has been a success, and the workplace culture is where you want it to be, now it’s time to celebrate. It’s essential to appreciate the work of your employees, take the time to thank them for small or specific contributions to the team effort. The benefits of celebrating a shared goal will strengthen your organisation’s values and vision – even evolving culture of its own. 

It’s undeniable that team building is beneficial for the workplace culture. If you’re aiming to boost motivation, improve communication or help your team get to know one another a little better. We can help find the perfect venue for team building activities.

Keep an eye on our news page for our next article. Cara our away day and team-building expert will be sharing some of her favourite venues for hosting team building events.

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