A Day In The Life Of Cara – Our Head Of Sales

As we are all aware a typical day in events is never the same which is why I love this industry so much. Having worked in both sales and operations across venues and agencies, the idea of getting out of bed in the morning and facing new challenges and connecting with new people is why I adore my role (even during a global pandemic!)

My day always has to start with a STRONG black coffee – ideal when I do work from home but it’s super handy that there is a coffee shop next to the office that I can nip into for my morning caffeine fix. In such a strange world we are living in right now I find it hugely important to still have a routine. I try to head to the office at least once a week to keep in contact with colleagues and of course try to visit as many venues as possible.

Once the caffeine has hit me it’s time to start my working day. I always start with checking emails and catching up with anything missed from the evening prior and writing a list of my main goals and priorities for the day. I do secretly like when you can tick something off your list! Due to the current restrictions and recent announcement this week that certain events will be pushed back again to July, there has been a lot of client contact in order to make sure we either deliver their events in a safe environment or postpone to a later date. Keeping the client contact is key to achieving those long-lasting relationships.

Even with the restriction announcement taking place this week, I have seen a new sense of positivity around clients and not only receiving new enquiries that need answered but have received two confirmations for events which makes me super happy to see demand is still present. The majority of my day is based around sending proposals and client / supplier liaison which I absolutely love. I am such a bubbly individual and could spend the whole day on the phone to clients and venues but conscious today I have a lot of admin work to do so will save that for another day!

Lunchtime either consists of me grabbing a bite to eat on the go or when I have a spare minute, Today is one of those days as I know I will be away from emails for the rest of the day. This afternoon I am pretty excited to be meeting a new client to discuss her Summer conference and party and to see some venues that would be most suitable for the company.

I love being out and about and seeing clients again – not only did I get to see two lovely venues but I managed to meet with a new client and turns out we have a mutual friend (one of my old clients) – such a small world! My client loved the venues and of course in true event spirit we topped the afternoon off with a cold glass of rose in the sunshine! Perfect end to a working day!

Relaxing and taking time away from my laptop and work is very important to me of an evening. When I got home I was super ready for a lovely home cooked meal and to relax in front of the tv with a glass of wine. Especially in the world we find ourselves living in at the moment I find it hard to switch off so finding something funny and laidback to watch is key to ending my day.

After such a busy day I’m intrigued to find out what tomorrow will bring!!


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