Christmas isn’t Cancelled!

With only a few months left of 2020, hosting your annual company Christmas Party in person looks pretty slim. This doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. With virtual events now proving very popular amongst many of our clients, why not go all out and celebrate the end of the year with a festive bang from the comforts of your own home.

Christmas Parties are usually jam packed with entertainment and oozing with the fun factor. But just because you might not be able to celebrate in person doesn’t mean you can’t go all out! There are so many ways you can bring your event to life. We’ve put together a handful of fabulous ideas and activities on how you and your team can celebrate this Christmas safely whilst still having lots of fun.


Everyone loves a themed party and to make your virtual experience more exciting why not introduce a theme to this year’s festivities. From a black-tie evening where you dress up in your smartest party wear to traditional Christmas Jumpers there is a theme for anyone. Just because you are in your own home doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. You could even announce a winner for the best dressed on the evening to make it more interesting and competitive.


One of the most exciting things to do during the Christmas festivities is Secret Santa! The idea of buying your colleagues the best (or funniest) gift and then watching their reaction when they open it is unmeasurable. Why not stick to the tradition and send your colleague their gift via post or even mix it up with a virtual gift.


The lead up to Christmas always involves several traditional dinners with lots of Turkey, Christmas Pudding and plenty of mulled wine. This doesn’t have to stop just because your party is turning virtual. Why not take part in a virtual cooking class? You can decide what’s on the menu and then follow the instructions from one of our recommended professional chefs making sure your meal is cooked to perfection. Or if cooking isn’t one of your specialities, how about delivering a specially designed parcel of goodies to each of your colleagues. This can include already prepared meals, personalised apron’s and of course, our favourite – bubbly!


Over the last few months we have all become very familiar with some family favourites over zoom however we are taking it up a notch for Christmas and would love to invite you to try out our Christmas themed games.

From Christmas Carol Pictionary, Christmas Movie Trivia and Musical Bingo we have an option to suit any group. All you need is a bunch of fun individuals who are up for a challenge and we can sort out the rest!


Christmas is the one time it is considered acceptable to overfill your home with all the magic and cheer of the season. Creating your own Christmas Wreath is a fun and artistic way to show off your arts and crafts skills to the rest of your colleagues. There’s a wreath for every style and personality, from the traditional warm and cosy wreath made out of pinecones and berries to a more fun and quirkier wreaths made out of balloons or even popcorn!


A great way you could show your appreciation to your staff members and celebrate the end of the year together is by sending them a party box. This box can be filled with absolutely anything, from a selection of printable games and festive costumes to your favourite traditional Christmas snacks and beverages including mince pies, nuts, mulled wine and bubbly. We have a range of suppliers on hand who can create bespoke boxes to really meet your requirements and suit your audience.


For added entertainment for your party, why not consider booking a virtual DJ. Select the genre of music you would like to be played, send your list and get ready to dance the night away from the comfort of your own home. There is also the option to join a virtual live party show. With many venues not currently being able to host parties for large groups this year, we have a selection of venues we can recommend who are hosting live broadcasts including some fabulous acts.

This is a great way to create the perfect party atmosphere and to make sure that everyone has the much needed Christmas Party we all deserve after such a tough year.

There are so many great options out there to help enhance your Virtual Christmas Party – the list is actually endless. If you would like to find out more information about any of the above or for more guidance on how to plan your party, please get in touch with our team today at or call us on 02077887010.

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