Events Management Trends 2020

As an events management company based in one of the most exciting cities in the world, we’ve seen it all – from putting together cutting-edge office installs across the UK, to managing an awesome AGM at one of Shoreditch’s trendiest members clubs.

We know that trends are always evolving and if you want to guarantee that guests will be talking about your event for months afterwards, you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors. So if you’re organising an event and feeling a little out of your comfort zone, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

As we start a new decade, we’re bringing you the top 10 trends to ensure your events stay firmly on the pulse in 2020.


The human touch


When we spend so much time looking at screens, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the value of face-to-face interaction. Events create the perfect opportunity for this type of engagement, providing a space for spontaneous interaction and conversation.

At The Collection we’re always looking for opportunities to build real relationships, which is reflected in the trusted suppliers we work with time after time, from caterers to florists and of course, our venue owners.

Beginning in the event planning stages and continuing through to the follow-up feedback afterwards, it’s important to make an effort to build real and lasting relationships with your guests. This can make the difference between a huge success, and just another in a long line of the same old events.


Breaking out


If you’ve sat through an all-day event before, then we’re sure you’ve experienced the agony of listening to endless presentations with just a five-minute break between each. It’s time to break the mould and ensure your guests have a range of activities to engage with and stop their brains from going to sleep.

Focus on the event structure as a whole – throw in some active sessions that encourage creative participation and allow space for conversation. Choose a location that has multiple rooms so that attendees can divide and flow between groups for maximum interaction.

Our team can work with you on this, helping to curate engaging activities for your event that bring real value to your guests’ experience.


Interactive tech


Yes, we know we encouraged staying away from screens at the beginning of this article. We’re not entirely going to take it back, but striking a balance is always the best approach. Technology thrives when it enhances experiences, not replaces them, so in 2020 you should be using it to improve engagement and create a memorable experience.

If your event is an awards ceremony, why not use mobile voting as an alternative to ballot entries? Augmented and virtual reality activities add an extra dose of excitement to a conference. If you use technology to encourage your guests to interact with your event, it’ll help build their connection to it.




Fast becoming an events buzzword for 2020, ‘bleisure’ means combining business travel with leisure time. With so many of us now travelling for work, corporates around the world have started to recognise that a healthy work-play balance is important for employee wellbeing.

This is where events come in. They provide an opportunity for your staff to discover somewhere new, try new things and meet new people. This has wide-ranging benefits, encouraging employees to develop new skills and bringing them closer as a team.

If possible, choose a venue that will allow staff to explore, and will provide a great experience for the duration of their stay. According to Social Tables, an incredible 71% of people consider the destination in their decision to attend a meeting, so location, location, location is everything.

If you’re searching for the dream destination, The Collection’s portfolio of venues is where you need to start.




In 2020, attendees will start to have more of a say in how events are run. When individuals feel listened and catered to, they’re more likely to engage with the event and keep it in their memory.

Create a social media poll to ask about preferred music style, or send out a questionnaire to find out what aspect is most important for each attendee. Of course, you don’t have to use all of the ideas (that would be chaos!) but opening the event up to suggestions will help to give it a personal touch that will make it stand out.

Here at The Collection, we get to know you and your guests in order to create an exclusive experience for everyone and help your attendees to feel like VIPs.




No one can deny the excitement of a good festival. The feeling of being part of something bigger, the sense of community, and of course the incredible range of food and drink on offer means that the industry is enjoying huge success in the UK.

Creating a festival vibe for your event doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Colourful, outdoorsy decor, street food stalls and a live band go a long way to helping your guests feel that sense of escape and excitement.




In 2020, there’s no longer an excuse for not being sustainable. The events industry has helped to contribute to a throwaway culture in the past, but this is changing, and you can help make it happen.

At The Collection, we team up with venues and suppliers that source locally, reduce waste and take a greener approach to their work. Whether it’s adding more plant-based menu options or choosing a venue that’s accessible by public transport, we can all do our bit to make a difference.




Health and wellbeing isn’t a new trend for 2020, but we’ll start to see it become a bigger focus for event managers and organisers. There’s an increasing demand for a better work-life balance, as well as widespread knowledge that looking after your mental health should be a priority for everyone.

Attending events should be exciting and fulfilling, not stressful, and they should bring something to the person they didn’t have before. The events that we curate for our clients provide a chance for your guests to take a step back from their day-to-day lives and try something different, from the delicious food to the opportunity to just enjoy the surroundings.


Safety first


As events such as conferences increase in size and popularity, safety can become a concern for many people. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive to make event security a top priority so that all attendees feel comfortable and looked after.

It doesn’t have to be obvious, either – plain clothes security guards can mingle through the crowds and be on hand if needed. Taking a no tolerance approach to harassment and aggressive behaviour also helps people to feel safe.

According to Lori Pugh Marcum, Manager of Global Education and Event Production at MPI, “only 53% of event planners actually have an emergency plan in place.” With 10 years’ experience in events management, we know how to deal with any problems that arise with efficiency and clarity, with structured risk assessments put in place at all of our venues to keep you and your guests safe.


Better inclusivity


Most events organisers now know the importance of promoting and encouraging diversity, but in 2020 we want to take this even further. Seemingly simple things such as providing food options to cater for everyone and making sure the toilets are accessible go a long way to making the experience better for attendees.

Go the extra mile by ensuring speakers represent a wide range of minority groups, and hire a sign language translator. Your guests will notice that you’re making a conscious effort to be inclusive, and will appreciate that you’re trying to make your event extra-special for them.

We’d love to hear your ideas about what events management is looking like in 2020. Join the conversation on Twitter.

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