Five top tips for creating the best party atmosphere

A party is exciting, but can also come with the pressure to please. These top 5 tips will help you create the perfect party atmosphere your guests will love. So relax – it’s about time you, the host, can enjoy the party just as much as the guests!


Start with a theme. This is a simple way to decide on the direction of your party and other elements: food, drink, music and decorations can all be selected to fit your vision and create the atmosphere. Think about a theme which naturally fits with the occasion and is suitable for the people attending. Run your ideas through friends – sometimes a different perspective and brainstorming ideas will bring a theme to life.


The venue provides the first impressions of a party. The right venue for the type of party helps to create the overall atmosphere. It’s important to bear in mind the ambience and layout to create the perfect scene. Choose a venue that’s the right size for your party. Booking a venue that’s just able to accommodate the number of guests you expect will help give your event a lively atmosphere. Also, consider a contemporary or unique venue to make an impact. Remember, it also takes the right venue and location to excite and motivate people to attend a party.


It’s a party! Music is a must. Whether it’s background music or the centre of attention, the trick is understanding the range of guests. Playing music they will like is crucial to creating a fun party atmosphere. Hire a DJ or a band, upbeat music will set the party scene.


Hiring entertainment will enhance your party and give it that extra bit of wow factor. Nobody wants to go to a party and sit around, so get your guests involved in some activities. Live entertainment is always a great hit with guests, allowing them to become more engaged and involved. Consider magicians, fun photo booths, dancers or circus acts. Engaging entertainment can put people in a good mood, making the atmosphere extremely positive.

5. YOU

You are one of the most important influences on the party’s atmosphere. It’s your event so you need to be there with your guests having fun. Engage with your guests, relax and stay calm. Take time to enjoy the party you are hosting, if you’re determined to have a good time, everyone else will follow suit!

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