How event profs can stay connected with their audience

Here at The Collection, we love talking to our clients and customers, helping them to find the perfect venue to take their event to the next level. Now that the global pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the industry, we’ve really missed having those conversations, and have had to find new ways of reaching out to our lovely community.

In a time when businesses are cutting back and everyone is juggling a million different things, it’s essential that you remain a useful resource for your audience. By acting as a guide through the stress of the pandemic and proving you’re worth their time, it will strengthen their loyalty to your brand and ensure they remember you.

We’ve put together this article to share our top tips about how you can stay connected with your audience during these tricky times.

Stay social

One of the things our team has realised while working from home is the importance of keeping up communications. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting or just a quick text to let someone know you’re thinking of them, friendly words can go a long way in the absence of face-to-face contact.

That’s why engaging with your clients is more essential now than ever. They may be looking to you for reassurance or advice, or maybe just something to help take their mind off this stressful situation. Be ready with informative, useful resources to share, and start conversations on social media to show your audience that you’re here to help.

However, be careful not to push any sales-y messages too hard, as you don’t want to seem thoughtless or like you’re not reading the room. Be friendly and ready to listen and support your community, and your customers will remember you for it when business gets back on track.

Take it virtual

Chances are that most of us will have attended or been involved in the organisation of a virtual event in the last few months. This is an area of the events industry that has exploded massively in the current circumstances, and opened up a number of new opportunities for industry professionals.

If you have the time and resources, look into creating virtual content that your community can enjoy from the comfort of their sofa. Host live Q&A sessions with industry experts, invite your audience on a virtual venue tour, or create a podcast or video series to share knowledge and insights. Whatever your budget, think creatively about how you can use your brand’s skills and expertise to keep your audience excited about events.

Safety first

It’s important to keep your customers and community informed about what steps you’re taking to ensure their safety, both in the current climate and for when in-person events start up again.

All of our venues have measures in place to maintain the highest possible standards of cleaning and hygiene, whilst also utilising their space to allow for social distancing when they reopen. Everyone in the events industry will have to be trained in new procedures informed by COVID-19 guidelines, so make sure you’re letting your customers know that you’re doing the most for them and their wellbeing.

Think big for small events

When lockdowns have eased and the threat of the virus seems to be slowing, there’s no doubt that the reintroduction of events will happen at a gradual pace. Although this may be frustrating for the bigger players in the industry, we’re looking forward to experiencing smaller, more intimate events and the unique advantages they’ll bring.

Not only will smaller events be less cost and resource-intensive, which will be a major help coming out of the pandemic, but they’ll also allow for attendees to make closer and more meaningful connections with each other. Another big bonus of smaller, more local events is that they’ll reduce the number of people travelling, which will help reduce the impact on the planet.

To sum up

Whether it’s via social media or an email newsletter, a huge virtual event or a small networking session, the important thing to remember is to keep up that vital communication with your customers and your wider audience. By sharing useful information and offering support and advice, you’ll cement yourself as a go-to source to return to when the events industry is back to its full potential.

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