How to have a Christmas wedding…the right way

Two things everyone loves: Christmas, and weddings. Put them together and what could be better? It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds. The Collection Events is here to make your winter wonderland wedding the best it can be. Have a look at these top tips for Christmas time weddings to make your dream a reality.


Christmas time means colder temperatures, which means potential snow (yay!!!) However, consider how far your guests may have to travel to your ceremony and reception and whether the route will be accessible. Lucky for you, our team has a number of possible venues up their Christmas jumper sleeves, and wedding venue expert ​Izzy Lambros​ can provide you with even more information.


If you’re getting married around Christmas, chances are you love the holiday season and all that it brings. That’s fabulous, however the art of a good wedding is all about balance. The key word here is “touch.” Too much emphasis on Christmas and your wedding turns into a Christmas party! Incorporate Christmas in your bouquet by adding some berries and holly with white roses, accent your venue with touches of winter hues like red and silver, make your table settings wintery-rustic by adding pinecones and wood (they’re free too). The secret here is subtlety, less really is more, and it definitely shows if done well! That being said, if you want to put up a grand Christmas tree in the middle of the dance floor, go for it, but balance it out with some low-key touches for the best effect.


One thing everyone loves about Christmas is the food! What better way to lead up to the big Christmas feast is to tempt your guests with some wintery comfort food canapes? Pigs in blankets, mini sausage rolls, even a turkey, stuffing and cranberry pastry will be the most delicious foods for your guests. Keeping these treats rolling out of the kitchen will leave your guests happily fed, and definitely in the Christmas spirit.


Christmas songs take the Christmas spirit to the next level. Everyone loves a little bit of “All I Want for Christmas is You” but you don’t want Mariah Carey to outshine you on your big day! Treat music like another decoration, too many Christmas songs can, again, turn your wedding into a holiday party. Be subtle, have a couple of holiday hits, but avoid too many (less is more!!).

We hope these tips eased some of your pre-wedding nerves, and be  sure to get in touch with ​our team​ today to find your perfect wedding venue!

Get in touch with Izzy for the best wedding venue options to meet your requirements.

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