The importance of the Christmas party

Here at The Collection, we love all events. Summer celebrations, industry-leading conferences, intimate drinks receptions, energy-filled team building days – they all come with their own unique elements that make them amazing. Yet we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for the beloved Christmas party.

These year-end bonanzas are the reward for 12 months of hard work, giving everyone the chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. The most delicious food and drink is on offer, the most enjoyable entertainment and of course, the very best venues that the UK has to offer.

Christmas parties are the ultimate way to say thank you for the loyalty and efforts put in by your employees, as well as to encourage team bonding and gain some honest feedback about your business. That’s why we think that despite the setbacks we’ve experienced in 2020, the Christmas party is more important than ever in boosting morale and giving your teams something to look forward to.

There’s no reason a festive bash has to be a massive blowout complete with five-course meal and a tightrope walker (although if that’s your thing, we can help with that too!). Budget shouldn’t have to be a barrier to having a good time. As long as your team has some music, some space to dance and some things to eat and drink, you’ve got the makings of a great event.

We can help to match you with a venue that provides you with everything you need whilst giving you the most bang for your buck. Even though 2020 has been hard on so many industries, we think a Christmas party is a great way to celebrate and uplift your community for its hard work while looking to a brighter future.

Here are some more reasons why we think Christmas parties are so important.

They say ‘Thank You’

What better way to reward your staff for sticking by you through 2020 and giving their all than by putting on a fabulous Christmas party? You could hold an awards ceremony during the festivities to give extra special recognition to your team and show them how grateful you are.

Even better, invite your party attendees to help plan the celebration. This will ensure that the occasion will have something for everyone to enjoy, and will show that you’re committed to valuing and listening to your team’s opinions.

They’re great for team bonding

Although companies across the UK have found new and innovative ways to keep communication going while in lockdown, there’s no denying that many of us have missed the office banter and the took-for-granted chatter with the people sitting next to you.

When it’s safe to get together again, a social occasion like a Christmas party will be all the more meaningful. It will give your teams the long-awaited chance to catch up, share stories and strengthen their relationships face to face. This in turn will have an impact within the workplace, as employees will be tighter-knit and more collaborative.

They provide a well-earned break

The Christmas party is one of the most anticipated dates in any business’ calendar. Employees will be looking forward to it months in advance as a chance to celebrate and let their hair down. No matter how tight the purse strings are, we can help you to design a day or night that will allow your employees – and you! – to escape the office and truly enjoy yourselves.

Whether it’s a private dinner with a touch of luxury or an informal, adrenaline-filled games night, your Christmas party needs to be a chance for your guests to forget all about the workplace and just have fun.

They’ll improve your business

The many advantages that the Christmas party presents will ultimately benefit your business too. Rewarding your staff will improve loyalty, boost overall morale and strengthen ties between teams. This in turn will lead to a general uptick in performance and productivity, as employees will feel valued, recognised and like they are an essential part in the success of your company.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our list of Christmas party venues to start your festive planning.

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