Private dining with a difference at Sauce by the Langham

If you’re looking for an interesting private dining or a team building event with a difference “Sauce” by the Langham could be what you’re looking for.

The Collection team had the pleasure of hosting a client TLC ( The Loyalty Collection) event at the amazing cook school “Sauce” by Michelle Roux at the Langham Hotel. Sauce Cookery School has 11 fabulous cooking stations so is perfect for groups of 11 if everyone wishes to cook, but it can also work for up to 22 if people are happy to pair up.

On arrival the friendly hotel lobby team greeted us with a warm smile and took us through to the stunning private dining room where our waiter for the evening was waiting with a glass of champagne, perfect.

We were then lead through to the kitchen and greeted by our host and chef for the evening, Millie. She talked us through what we were cooking as she demonstrated the method step by step. We cooked a Sea Bream dish with roasted new potatoes and salad along with a delicious sauce. It was really simple and easy to follow, and we loved the quick tips Millie provided us with.

Once Millie had completed the demonstration it was our chance to have a go for ourselves…. but would our dish look and taste as good as Millie’s?

The lesson was fun and informal and the actual cooking element was easy to follow. Once we had all completed our dishes we then went back to the stunning private dining room to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We had our very own wine waiter who paired the wines with our main courses. Millie had also prepared baby roasted new potatoes and a salad to accompany the dish (both stunning) and a lush dessert to finish us off.

Our group of 11 guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening from start to finish. We started our class at 3.30pm and were eating by 5.30pm. I would highly recommend this for something a little different.

If you like the idea of this or would like some inspiration for your next event please get in touch with our friendly team today at or give us a call on 0207 7887010.

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