Summer Team Building Activities

With Summer just around the corner, we are so excited to see so many new event briefs coming in for company team building activities. As we continue to get back into the swing of things, why not welcome staff members back into the office with lots of fun. Team building is a great way to engage colleagues after what has been a tough year. Get ready to step outside back into the fresh summer air with one of our great activities!


I’m sure we can all admit one of the best things about school was Sports Day! Step back into time with this grown-up twist on Sports Day. The idea of the game is to be split into teams before selecting your house colours and taking on a series of energetic races, challenges and games. Sports Day activities can include a mix of bean bag races, goggle races, skipping, wheelbarrow races, space hoppers, giant egg and spoon race, giant inflatable sausage races and a team relay. As a team, collect as many points as you can and win a prize at the end. It’s time to get competitive!


Soap Box Derby is a fun, fast and energetic activity that will leave you laughing all day! Tap into your creative side as you and you team construct a race-ready Soap Box car from various materials. The day kicks off with a variety of racing car themed warm-up activities to get your brains ready for the day ahead. After a short briefing, each team will be introduced to their workshop which includes blueprints, materials and tools needed to construct your vehicle. Each team will then compete to win ‘sponsorship’ which will make you a high contender in the race. There will be judges on the day who will collectively decide whether your team will win a place on the grid for a drag race style finale.


Who doesn’t love the classic TV show, The Crystal Maze! This game will bring out your competitive side as you and your colleagues become adventurers engaging in a battle to earn precious time crystals. The more crystals you win, the more time your team will get to spend inside the Crystal Dome. On the day, you will be greeted by the event host who will divide everybody into equal teams. The location will be set up with a giant crystal dome in the centre. Surrounding the dome will be four adventure zones with the iconic crystal maze theme music playing in the background. Each team will rotate around the zones, and if the teams complete the set tasks in the allocated time then they will win a crystal. Teams run from zone to zone following the Maze Master, who will challenge groups with riddles, anagrams, and cryptic clues as they cruise to their next zone. The aim of the game is to win as many crystals as you can, to ensure you have the maximum time possible to enter the crystal dome to collect gold tokens.


Mary Berry eat your heart out! It’s time to bring out your best baking skills for this Ultimate challenge. The group will be split into teams and then mix, knead and bake their way through progressively tougher challenges. All participants are given a tall chefs hat to decorate and wear. There will be a chef who will perform a short demonstration on how to prepare and cook the delicious recipe. Each team will then have to work together to improve their skills, and will be faced with technical, taste and presentation trials. With expert judges on board, it will be up to them to decide who will be your company’s Best Bakers. The final products and yummy treats are then lined up and taste tested, to reveal the winners of the challenge!

Can’t decide what team building activity you would like to participate in? Get in touch with us today to find out more information on the above or for some other fantastic options. The list of fun engaging challenges for you and your colleague to compete in are endless! Send our team an email today at or give us a call 02077887010.


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