The Importance of Health and Wellbeing

For this week’s #LOVEBITE we caught up with our fabulous supplier Alexandra Soame from The Experience Collective. Experience Creator Alexandra offers us an insight into some of the pillars of experiential wellness and how you can use these ideas in the workplace to increase the health and wellbeing of your teams. Now more than ever it is important that we raise awareness of health and wellbeing within the working environment, whether you are working from home, the office or introducing an element of this during a future event.

Over the last few months we have all been in different life positions  but we have to remember our bodies all need to Unwind whatever your circumstances are. Holistic treatments such as massage and facials help us to disconnect from the outside world and relax our bodies and muscles which help us to switch off our fight and flight response and calm our nervous system. So, when you do have a spare hour in your day look after number 1 and treat yourself to that much-loved massage. If you are an event organiser how about introducing a taster massage session as a breakout activity during your next event?

Connecting with ourselves is imperative, when we connect we become more powerful. With the help of classes such as yoga, meditation or mindfulness this helps to encourage a deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit. These classes have a profound effect on our state of mind and our ability to present, which is key to overall happiness. Taking time out of your daily routine to practice one of these is so important during these times and with the help of The Experience Collective we can use a combination of these activities in the form of in person or virtual classes, so your teams can learn the simple techniques which are key for a healthy mind.

Movement is one of the core principles to health. Your health routine may have taken a different turn during lockdown but with gyms and in person classes starting to open and run again we recommend you try to break a sweat every day. Whether it be walking, dancing, working out or simply taking the stairs the more steps, we take a day the more we oxygenate our blood. Take a pause daily and go for that mid-day run or an outside walk – trust us this will help create a happy mind! Alternatively, why not organise a virtual fitness class for your team? The Experience Collective aims to offer a class that will suit even the least enthusiastic gym bunny!

Creativity and Play are fundamental to leading a happy fulfilled life. Reward your team with fun activities and workshops that help them to find their inner child and create laughter in the workplace. Happiness creates productivity and remember not everything that you do with your team has to be work related it is all about connecting with others. Our favourite activities are disco bingo and interactive DJ Live Streams, so everyone can get up dancing in their own homes! When we do introduce live events again these activities are just as good in person at the end of a busy day.

Personal grooming can have a huge effect on your sense of wellbeing. Nothing beats that feeling when you know you look like a million dollars. Beautifying treatments have an impact on your confidence and when we look our best and feel good about ourselves we tend to connect with others more. Why not introduce a live beauty station to your next event allowing attendees to feel pampered and leave with a lasting impression?

Finally, why not Inspire your teams through learning experiences and connection to fresh exciting content, speakers and classes. Educate them in Mindset, Nutrition, Stress Relief and Goal Setting which now more than ever is proving very important to learn and put into practice for individuals but full teams in the workplace.

The Experience Collective launched their UK wide Health and wellbeing packages in January 2020. These can all be delivered virtually, in-person or as a hybrid of the two. Perfect for conference breakouts to maintain engagement, team building experiences and focus and for corporate wellness programmes. Please do get in touch if you want to find out more or want to integrate a hint of wellbeing to your next event.


Photo credits from left to right:

The Experience Collective’s  James and Claire 38 Degrees North fitness instructors

The Experience Collective’s Barbara Cox Nutrition and Wellness Expert

The Experience Collective’s Dave Clarke Insanity Live trainer

The Experience Collective’s Hayley Morgan ‘The Highs’ Yoga instructor

The Experience Collective’s Hannah Goodman Grounded Breathwork expert

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