The Ultimate Guide to Finding your Perfect Venue in London

Finding the perfect venue can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We are lucky that London is full of the most incredible venues. Behind inconspicuous doors lie treasure troves. Sometimes these venues are lucky enough to do so well that they don’t need to market themselves at all meaning that they’re almost impossible to find.

We have always loved our capital city but when you step into the wonderful world of events it really does open your eyes to how amazing our city is. There are super cool, slick and modern conference spaces just perfect for filling with inspiring content and thought-provoking speakers. For dinners and celebrations there are breath-taking traditional spaces housing invaluable artefacts and artwork or perhaps showcasing mesmerising views. The city is buzzing with hidden gardens and super cool rooftops all out of sight. When it comes to weddings there are so many urban spots perfect for celebrating that big moment.

Sometimes it feels though that finding these spaces is the biggest challenge and you’re not wrong. Unless a space is marketed well or comes up on Google, how are you meant to find it? We have put together our top guide to finding your perfect venue in London.

Use The Collection!

Of course we’re biased but in reality our knowledge has been built up over the last decade and that’s hard to match. Yes, Google is a brilliant resource, but it rather depends on how tech savvy the venue is and how big their marketing budget is. Just because they don’t show on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that they’re not a great venue. We know London inside out and upside down. We take your brief and pick out the venues from our portfolio that we know will suit your requirements. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to find your perfect space.

Be inquisitive

Sometimes the best venues can be found by exploring. We’ve been known to ask hosts taking guest names what the venues is or even to knock on doors. We’ve also used satellite images to locate the best rooftops out there! We like to know what’s on offer and nothing will stop us in our quest to continue to build our venue knowledge.

Read the press

There are brilliant sources of information on the internet that will allow you to research venues. Venue directories can often be a little long winded, but event press tends to highlight some great spaces. Have a look at the events featured in Campaign and Stand Out. If you like the look of an event or get excited about the space, you’ll usually be able to find out where they’ve used.

Know your brief

It’s all very well searching for venues however narrowing down your brief actually narrows down your search. Think about your guest numbers, the format, the look and feel and what you’re trying to achieve. Knowing these elements of your brief will allow you to discount venues quickly, narrowing your search. Even better give your brief to us and get us to do the hard work!

Be social

We find that social media, especially Instagram and Linked In can be great resources for finding venues. Search by hashtags and if you see an incredible venue, if it’s tagged then you’ll be able to find it. We have found so many hidden gems this way. They can’t all be hired for events but sometimes they can or would be open to the idea. A lot of the time venues aren’t tagged so you’ll be left wondering but if you show us the image chances are we’ll know where it is.

Search our website

We always say it’ll be quicker to speak to us as we can ask a few defined questions to drill down exactly what you’re looking for however if you’re not in the mood to chat check out the inspiration areas of our site here. This section is updated regularly so you’ll not always see the same venues but it should spark ideas. Do call or email us if you’d like to know more, check availability or prices.


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