The essential wedding venue check list

Best questions to ask when searching for the perfect wedding venue

The Collection have some top tips when looking for a wedding venue that will save you time and money.
Some venues can have hidden charges, so before booking, ask as many questions as possible and get all the important answers in writing, but of course we are here to guide you through the process and will offer you the best venues to suit your taste and budget.

Below our wedding venue expert Izzy Lambros has put together are some of the key questions to ask before signing a contract for your wedding venue;

• Does the price quoted include VAT?
• Is there a minimum headcount or charge per person? This is important because if your minimum numbers go down, it could mean your cost per
person goes up!
• Are there extra costs for lighting?
• If you would like to bring in your own wines, beers or spirits, How much is corkage charge and is it per person per bottle?
• Are there any extra staff costs?
• Is there a service charge included, if so at what rate?
• Is the cloakroom free?
• Is there a marquee hire charge?
• Is there a charge for tables, crockery, glasses, linen or chairs?
• Will we get exclusive use or are there other weddings there on the same day?
• If it’s a hotel, does it give reduced room rates for guests?

We would love to help you find your perfect wedding venue, simply fill out the enquiry form, or give us a call.

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