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Bring the outside in this summer and enjoy everything British on the South Bank!

As the warm sun casts its golden glow upon the city, OXO2 becomes the perfect destination for unforgettable summer gatherings hosting seated dinners for up to 160 guests and standing receptions for 400. With its floor to ceiling windows capturing breath-taking views of the capital and an outdoor balcony overlooking the majestic River Thames, the venue immerses guests in a world of timeless beauty and elegance. Whether you’re planning a corporate drinks reception or a private celebration, OXO2 offers an idyllic setting, exceptional service, and a curated selection of seasonal delights to ensure a truly memorable summer event.

Room Layouts & Capacities

Camm & Hooper’s OXO2 is a summer party venue that epitomises the essence of the season, offering an exceptional setting on London’s South Bank. With its mesmerising views of the capital, stunning design, and impeccable service, OXO2 sets the stage for unforgettable summer celebrations.

Located on the second floor of the iconic OXO Tower, OXO2 boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the space in natural light during the day, creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere. As evening falls, the venue transforms into a captivating space, with the shimmering lights of London casting a magical glow that adds glamour and enchantment to any event.

A standout feature of OXO2 is its outdoor balcony, which offers panoramic views of the River Thames. This unique space allows guests to soak up the summer ambiance, feel the gentle breeze, and savour the breath-taking views. The venue’s fully air-conditioned interior ensures optimal comfort for guests, regardless of the weather outside.

When it comes to summer cocktails, OXO2 sets the bar high with their playful and timeless creations. Talented mixologists craft a range of refreshing and innovative concoctions that tantalise the taste buds and perfectly complement the summertime atmosphere. From classic favourites to bespoke creations, the cocktail menu is designed to impress and delight guests, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the festivities. The culinary experience at OXO2 is equally outstanding, catering to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Camm & Hooper’s heart of house team curates exceptional menus that showcase the finest seasonal ingredients, ensuring each dish is a celebration of flavour and creativity. From delectable canapés to sumptuous feasts, the culinary offerings at OXO2 exemplify Camm & Hooper’s commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

With its versatile spaces, OXO2 is perfect for corporate events, private celebrations, and summer soirées of all sizes. The venue offers flexibility and adaptability, allowing each event to be tailored to meet specific requirements and create a personalised experience.

From its enviable location to its flawless service, every element is designed to elevate your summer party to new heights. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of OXO2 this summer and create an event that will be remembered long after the season fades.


Blackfriars Station: 8-minute walk

Waterloo Station: 11-minute walk


Oxo Tower Wharf Barge House Street,

Level Two,


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