Group Accommodation

Something for everyone… 

Organising a large conference or gala dinner and being the main point of contact for all your attendee’s accommodation can be a little daunting and time consuming, particularly if the group is larger than 10 people. You need to ensure that you find somewhere that suits everyone’s needs – with a varied mix of personalities, likes and dislikes existing in any group this isn’t easy to do. And of course you also need to consider if your preferred venue has availability, the facilities you need and is in the right location.

Here at The Collection Events we specialise in negotiating the best accommodation rates for delegates making this large responsibility seem relatively simple. We find you and your group exactly the right venue that can accommodate your party size, at the right time, in the right place and suits your budget. 

How can we help you? Our team have meticulous attention to detail and use their experience to create a smooth process including managing your guest list, getting easy upgrades for VIP’s and handling the negotiation of cancellation policies as we all know even on the day of an event guests do cancel and you don’t want to be handed a large bill of cancellations at check out. 

Wait are you waiting for? Let’s create something extraordinary together – contact our team on 0207 7887010 or fill in the form below.


We'll find the perfect place for all your requirements.


We’re always ahead of the game and look to utilise nearby hotels for overflow rooms depending on guests numbers as not all hotels are able to house all attendees under one roof.

This is all part of the first class service we offer and look forward to discussing your requirements in more detail whether as part of a larger event or solely group accommodation.