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Successful events are the ones that people talk about

Often overlooked, an important part of any event is entertainment. Entertainment creates a sense of delight and fun, and when guests have fun, they engage better with others and learn more. Entertainment creates energy and excitement. 

Here at The Collection Events we collectively have a passion for finding the best quality and most original artists to create a lasting impression – from cabaret, live music and cirque talents. We help you curate your event with your audience in mind.

What sort of entertainment should you have at your event? Musicians, dancers, artists, bands, circus performers, walkabout artists and DJs or fresh concepts for corporate entertainment, unique entertainment solutions for product launches, conferences, gala dinners, and award ceremonies. corporate event entertainment – unusual and interactive, carefully selecting entertainment is important. Event entertainment should be audience focused. You want to offer them something they’ll enjoy and maybe be a little surprised by. You should know exactly what type of guests you’ll be having, and then match the entertainment to the guests in appropriate ways. Most guests don’t realize the effect entertainment has on them, but that’s not important. The only thing that matters is that the entertainment is good enough and frequent enough to help your guests stay upbeat, engaged, and interested.

Your event entertainment is a direct reflection of your company, it should reflect your vision and values and be appropriate for everyone in your audience. Entertainment that is in line with the image of your company will make a positive impression on your guests. Entertainment that isn’t will undoubtedly make your guests feel awkward, confused, and out of place.

What else do you need to consider? With production being a key aspect, we know it’s important for quality and your personality to shine through and plan your event with this in mind. From organising a conference that requires state of the art technology to Christmas parties where staging and lighting is required we work with our trusted suppliers who we know have the same values as we do.

A multi-sensory event is an ideal way to deliver on these objectives because of its powerful imprinting abilities on memory. Events that stimulate multiple senses create an enticing ambiance and increase engagement as guests interact and share. This is your opportunity to show off your personality and knock the socks off your guests. Provide a much more emotion- and thought-provoking time for your guests.

What are you waiting for? Let’s create something extraordinary together – contact our team on 0207 7887010 or fill in the form below.

What can we offer that other Events Management agencies can't?

With our experience we know what works well. We believe that no event is the same and work on a bespoke basis. We love to create unique immersive performances bringing your ideas to life.

Our team has the expertise and specially selected acts who are reliable and flexible and create a memorable experience. Whatever the event and venue we can create an entertainment package to suit your budget and requirements we are also always happy to suggest options to fit alongside your event theme.