Historical venue

We have a great selection of historic venues within our portfolio. We’re guessing that if you’re in this section of the site that you love traditional details and features as much as we do.

Below is a small selection of some of our favourite historic venues. We have so many more than this and we invite you to fill in your full event details here so that we can send you a personalised list

There are so many beautiful buildings up and down the country. It’s one of the things we think is great about UK events. We have so many hidden gems in our collection. We adore the features of the spaces, maybe a wow staircase, incredible chandeliers or amazing marble. Tell us why you love historic spaces and we’ll get to work sending you ones that fit the bill.

Remember it’s no cheaper to go to these venues directly – we offer the same price and do not mark up any prices. You benefit from the resource within our team as we can check numerous venues availability on your behalf saving you time.

We love that so often behind an inconspicuous door or gate can lie a breath-taking venue. We feel as if we’re in on a secret. A secret that is, that we’re very happy to share with you. So many spaces that we work within people don’t even know they exist. Let alone you are knowing that you can host events there. Rather than searching yourself, send us your details and we’ll send you a selection that’s perfect.